Previous Research Ready Studies

CANDEM - Understanding and identifying ways to optimise cancer recognition, referral, and management for people with dementia in primary and community care: a qualitative interview study

  • Participant eligibility criteria:
    • Primary and community care staff Inclusion: - working in a role providing primary-and-community-care at a participating GP-practice or Trust - experience of caring for people living with dementia (PLWD) with suspected* or confirmed cancer *we are interested in cancer recognition and referral, and know suspected cancers may not be confirmed in PLWD
    • Patients Inclusion: - QOF-recorded dementia (any type) - subsequently, QOF-recorded cancer (any type, except basal cell skin cancers) within the last 3-years Exclusion: - any GP-judged reason not to approach (e.g., non-verbal, end-of-life)
    • Carers Inclusion: - current or former (last 3-years) informal carer (e.g., spouse, relative) for a PLWD and comorbid cancer Exclusion: - under 18 years old - recently bereaved (last 3-months)

SAFER – Screening for Atrial Fibrillation with ECG to Reduce stroke – a randomised controlled trial.

  • Participant eligibility criteria:
    • Have given informed consent to participate
    • Be aged 70 years or over (as recorded on the practice medical record)


  • Exclusion Criteria:
    • Long-term anticoagulation therapy for stroke prevention
    • On the palliative care register
    • Resident in a nursing / care / residential home.